About Us

Adanprodan is a Bengali word which means Mutual giving and receiving; Exchangeroulette222it.com
In ancient times, at the dawn of human civilization, we had fulfilled our needs through exchanging things. Exchanging was not only a medium that fulfills our needs but also symbolizes harmony in a community.we have passed a long way and built Pyramids, Aeroplanes, Rockets. Our civilization is way more complex and trading through the exchange has become impossible.But still, we have lots of things that we can exchange that might fulfill someone’s need or just for fun. But satisfaction and happiness are guaranteed.

We are starting this Adanrodan Community as our fun project where you can exchange Anything, Yes, ANYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE. We are trying to gather people under a common umbrella to give you the very best experience of fun, happiness and show care through exchanging stuffs.

Adanprodan is your community and we together can make it a great place of fun and a place where everyone is equal and find happiness.

We hope you enjoy our community as much as we happy to offer this site to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Adanprodan Community Team